How to Create a Perfect Photo Book?

Oct 22, 2019

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Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good moments

Preserving your happy memories has always faced a question of ‘What is the best way to hold this moment for lifetime? As the technology evolved through years and the invention of smartphones dominated the modern world, everything has become ONLINE. That’s one of the greatest evolutions of mankind but ask yourself if you have made good use of it or are badly used to it.

Today, people have been addicted to social media and want to store their happy moments online but the smart people doesn’t just store special memories but preserve it offline. Offline? Posting your favorite photo in your story and feed would help you relive it for one day while doing something incredibly simple and sensible for your happiest moments will help you relive it for lifetime.

Creating a personalized photo book is one of the best options that can rejoice us with our good old memories.

Now, there is no such thing as perfect photo book. It is relative and preserving offline memories is a choice and not by chance. But, let’s explore few ideas which can lead to ‘Almost Perfect’ Personalized Photo Books.

1. Old is Gold. Always.

In your stunning photo albums, there will be current or recent photos of your happy times but you are missing here something really crucial. You haven’t uploaded any old photos i.e. your golden moments. Try to make a story in your photo album whatever theme you choose.

Personalized Photo Gifts

Your present being is you; your past being is forgotten or vanished. If those photos are so old that you have no access to them online/drive, you must have them in printed form. Click them, although not the clearest but it would be realest. Old is an evergreen gold whose price constantly increases day by day (just like the real Gold :p).

2. Be a Storyteller

Everything has a story. Even the smallest of the thing tells a wonderfully incredible tale if described aptly. When you are creating your personalized photo album, keep in mind one certain point that it should be in sequence (forward or reverse), like beginning with the front page which shows a 5-year old you and it ends on the back cover page with the present you. Create a story you will immerse into and get happily lost.

Personalized Photo Gifts

Also, if you are planning to make a fairytale romantic love story, arrange your photos and pages in such a way that it tells an adorable story. When did you both meet? The first date, dinner and kiss. Don’t force yourself to be a professional storyteller; if the photo book is filled with perfect photos, the result is indefinitely more than a perfect tale.

Make the best photo book of current age. They make a fine cushion for old age

3. Fill Enough Moments

Assume you went to see a movie in theatre and it ends after 50 minutes. You will be disappointed, won’t you? In your photo album, there should be a minimum number of photos that tell a fantastic story. It’s not going to be a short film but an Oscar movie. For that, all you have to do is fill enough happy memories. Yes?

Personalized Photo Gifts

Sounds interesting? Just 3 steps and you are on your way to make a perfect photo album.

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